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Removal of computer malware [19 Jun 2011|05:05pm]

I'm posting this on behalf of my sister. She doesn't have an LJ. Her computer was recently infected with "Security Shield". Does anyone have any recommendations for a computer service (in Orange County or failing that, Los Angeles) that would remove this and any other malware from her laptop computer? I know where I would bring a computer, here in Montreal, but that doesn't really help ;)

If you have any personal experience with the company, please mention your opinions of the company, service, price, etc.

I'm also interested in knowing which places/services to avoid.

Thank you in advance.
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Portrait Session Giveaway [20 Apr 2011|12:57pm]

Do you have an adorable kid or know someone in San Diego, Los Angeles or the Antelope Valley area that does? That adorable child could win a free portraiture session and $20 credit. Runner up wins 50% off their session fee. You can view my work on the Happiness is...photography website for an idea of the session you would be receiving.

graphics or links details

Here’s how it works:

1: You email a snapshot of your absolutely adorable kid 0-12 to Rachel{at}HappinessIsPhotography.com by April 27, 2011 11:59 PDT. Please include their first name , age, and one thing you love about them as well as your contact information so I can contact you when you win.

2: I upload all the pictures to the Happiness is… Photography facebook page and you get your friends and family to vote by liking your child’s picture on the facebook page .

3: The kid with the most likes on their picture by 11:59 PDT on May 7th,2011 will win. The kid with the 2nd highest number of votes will win the runner's up prize.

For all the fine print check out the Happiness is… Photography Blog
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Best places to see in California [29 Mar 2011|02:43pm]

[ mood | sore ]


Planning your visit to sunny California? Looking for some fun nearby?
It is so easy now to find best locations and attractions! Just go to the www.canyouguideme.com  and chose California state and your favorite style of adventure (e.g. Beach, History/Culture, Extreme).

You will get a wide range of the best attractions in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and other remarkable places.

Find the best adventure!

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Orange County restaurant [06 Feb 2010|02:00pm]

I'm taking someone out to dinner tonight, preferably somewhat near (30 minutes from) Dana Point.  I would like entrees to be around $20 or so.  Any restaurant recommendations? 

Exotic food is fine, maybe even better; sushi, tapas, Ethiopian, or a restaurant with shared foods probably won't work out well.
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Newport Beach, CA [02 Aug 2009|10:09am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Going to Newport Beach for a week.
Any recommendations on restaurants, nightlife and must see things?

Thank you.

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No Doubt & Paramore tickets [29 Jul 2009|09:32pm]

We have two tickets to the concert this Friday night at Verizon Wireless. Section 4M, Row TT. Going for face value. Comments will be screened if you're interested, or PM surranndie or leftover_hobbit
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[28 Jun 2009|04:06pm]

[ mood | content ]

My girlfriend and I have been trying to find an all you can eat sushi bar here in Orange County, that's actually decent and not ridiculously priced. Around 20-25$ a person. I'm originally from Reno so I don't know my way around here yet (should since it's been about 2 years but I don't)

We've only found about 2 places, but they were just "Eh"

I really want some good fresh unagi, salmon and tempura rolls of some sort which I can never find around here. Techincally I'm in Anaheim but we drive so i'll go anywhere hah

Anyone have some suggestions?

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South Seas Polynesian Luau June 27th [25 Jun 2009|09:17am]

Located off Sunset Blvd of mom and pop eateries and seven elevens is the mysterious Gemini Manor. Gemini Manor offers the most unique kind of house that fairy tales are created from. You'll want to arrive early so you can stroll through each of the rooms – from the patio to the inner spa, to the Princess and the Pea room and all the way up to the Jungle room where you'll see monkeys, cats and reptiles.

On Saturday June 27th Gemini Manor will hold its annual South Seas Hawaiian Luau. The evening will be filled with South Seas Polynesian music, dance and entertainment.

Enjoy a spectacular evening with a delicious Hawaiian buffet, a sensational Polynesian revue and a breathtaking fire performance. At the gates of the Manor, you will be transported to a magical world of music, food, dancing and culture.

Tickets include:

Valet parking, an all-you-can eat feast and open (non alcoholic*) bar featuring mouth watering delicacies which will be the perfect prelude to an evening filled with song and dance.

*Due to licensing Gemini Manor cannot provide alcohol. Guests are encouraged to bring their own alcoholic beverages. However, Gemini Manor rarely runs short on alcoholic beverage gifts.


1341 N. Mariposa Avenue

Hollywood, Calif. 90027

8 pm

Sign up for the events list & receive a discount - Get in for just $12 instead of $15

Send and email to: GeminiManor@Live.com for your discount.

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[16 Jun 2009|07:58pm]


June 27th is the South Seas Polynesian Luau at Gemini Manor

This year all new and mostly new guests will have the opportunity to be taken on a Gemini Manor tour given by a Polynesian beauty.

If this will be your first time to visit Gemini Manor make sure to get there early because the tour is at 8:30pm sharp and there will be no repeated tours. The event starts to really swing by 9pm and touring to show off each of the rooms is too difficult after 9pm.
NOTE: if the request for tours (prior to the event) is high I may schedule a earlier tour.

Saturday June 27th Gemini Manor will hold its annual Polynesian South Seas Luau.

Tickets include:
  • Free valet parking
  • An all-you-can eat buffet
  • Open (non alcoholic*) bar
  • Buffet
  • Polynesian dancers
  • Fire Performers
  • An evening filled with song and dance.
*Due to licensing Gemini Manor cannot provide alcohol. Guests are encouraged to bring their own alcoholic beverages. However, Gemini Manor rarely runs short on alcoholic beverage gifts.

Buy your tickets by June 25th and tickets are only $12.
At the door $15 -- Event entrance without a ticket is not guaranteed

PayPal: GeminiManor@Live.com - I’m sending the tickets USPS & putting names on the Will Call list

Money order or check can be sent to Gemini Manor

At the door the price is
strictly $15

For New Members Specials check out my LJ entry on the party.
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Meg & Dia performing TONIGHT... [08 May 2009|03:20pm]
Hey! Check this out – Meg & Dia (I love them)…are performing at a bunch of hot topic stores around the west, and tonight their in Arcadia, and tomorrow their in Irvine!! I am going to BOTH! I linked the other dates below. You just buy a shirt or album and you get to meet the band and see them perform!! ALSO, they are performing at THE STRAND w/ The Maine in Huntington Beach next weekend, Saturday 5/16. I am definitely hitting that up too!!

Here are the links for both:

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[15 Apr 2009|05:42pm]

Anvil! The Story of Anvil! is coming to Edwards University Town Center 6 in Irvine this weekend. For those of you who don't know, Anvil! The Story of Anvil has been called the real life This Is Spinal Tap. My friends saw it in NYC and said it was the best thing ever.

you can get tix here

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? [05 Jan 2009|12:39pm]

Do any of you know anybody who is looking for a roommate?

I'm a student, 21, pretty quiet. I have a cat and a python (caged). I am looking for a cheap room or apartment to share with others.

PLEASE let me know ASAP if anybody knows of anything! Thanks
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California - Vote NO on Prop 8! [15 Oct 2008|04:05pm]

This November 4th your vote has the power to influence millions of lives. The California supreme court legalized marriage for gay/lesbian couples effectively giving them access to hundreds of rights such as the right to file joint taxes, and visit a loved one in the hospital. Now extremists want to take that right away under the guise that they are protecting marriage. From who? Straight couples are not affected by loving gay couples having the right to commit to one another. Let us not put hate into the constitution and vote on the right side of history. Regardless of your opinion on the issue, please vote for basic fairness and providing 1,049 rights and benefits to same-sex couples.

Check out the link and video below for more info on how you can get involved in fighting proposition 8!

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Gay Days Reminder [02 Oct 2008|06:33am]

A few Web sites have erroneously reported that because of Miley Cyrus's Sweet 16 party on Sunday at Disneyland, Gay Days was canceled. In truth, Miley's party has barely affected the Gay Days Anaheim schedule. (We did have to move Pixar Play Parade viewing time—but that's it!)

So have no fear, break out your red shirts, and join the party!

Gay Days Weekend @ The Disneyland Resort is October 4th and 5th.  For more information and for the schedule of events, click here.

*This message brought to you by queerdisney 
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US Men's Volleyball Team in Charity Fashion Show & Cocktail Party [18 Sep 2008|10:36am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey Guys.. I've never posted over here, but since this event is happening in OC... I thought I should share!!

Just a few days ago I got involved in an AMAZING charity event that is happening tomorrow, Friday Sept 19th.
I'm thrilled to share that they have asked me to be the MC  for the Live Auction Part of the Evening!!

This is a formal event raising money for Youth Mentors and The Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim, featuring a Fashion Show with the Gold Medalist Winners US Men's Volleyball team.
DETAILSCollapse )
This includes the Fashion Show, the live performances, the auction, and of course the mingling underneath the stars with the stars and other notables in attendance.
I'd love to see your familiar face in the audience! 
All Proceeds to benefit Mentors For Youth,
and The Boys and Girls Club of Southern California.


If you would like to RSVP for a Gold Leaf ticket for yourself and a guest,  please let me know asap.  Gold Leaf Tickets include a 5 Diamond Dinner and preferred seating for the Fashion Show and Live Auction.
Gold Leaf Tickets Are Available For A Donation of $300.
Regular Admission Tickets (No Dinner) HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO ONLY A $75 Donation
All Proceeds to benefit Mentors For Youth,
and The Boys and Girls Club of Southern California.
More Info Below.

I have also attached information on the charities, the schedule of events, and the dinner menu! :)
Hope To See You There..
Please Feel Free To Forward the Information to Any and Everyone. 

Leah Cevoli
 Last Chance Productions is launching the Charity Fashion Show And Cocktail Party Event 2008 with the Gold Medal US Olympic Men's Volleyball team players returning from Beijing.  This unique event will be held at the Anaheim White House Restaurant a 5 Diamond World Renowned Italilan restaurant that serves such notable names as Jimmy Carter, Danny DeVito, Andrea Bocelli, Madonna, and Gwen Stefani.  This exclusive event is with a limited number only and is targeting the elite.  Our objective is to create an atmosphere where guests will dine with the finest food and entertainment, as we engage your participation in raising funds for Mentors for Youth and the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim.
We anticipate this to be an unforgettable night under the stars as we transform the Anaheim White House into a Media Event and create an exciting fusion between a 5 Diamond gourmet meal and a high fashion runway show.  The evening will be accented with live entertainment, art and a host of notables from the entertainment, sports, and political arenas.  This event will be covered by Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and others generating high press attention and coverage.
Sponsers Include: Daisy Rock Guitars, Rock & Republic, Fuze, Robert Mondavi Winery, Han Asian Vodka, Fiji Water, The Actors Room, Pacific Dance Center, A.B.S., and more.
With your help we can make a significant difference in the lives of these children!

Susan Laine
310-606-1182 (mobile)
818-762-5968 (office)
Marketing Director, Producer, Acting Coach
Last Chance Productions
Celebrity Charity Promotions

 For more information on this event or to reserve tickets please call:
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My Ebay Store! [16 Sep 2008|05:10pm]

Rock Stars & Superheroes!!

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Disneyland [20 Aug 2008|05:09pm]

For those of you going to Gay Days this year at Disneyland (Oct. 4-5), the schedule of events has been posted on the website.

Find it here

Find discounted Disneyland tickets for this event here.

Thanks and hope to see you there!
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community/public pool with a wading pool? [01 Jul 2008|11:02am]

[ mood | curious ]

does anyone know of a community/public pool in the Irvine/Lake Forest area that has a wading pool? i've got a toddler and an infant, and have to watch both of them at once, so i really need a pool where my daughter can splash around w/o my worrying she is going to fall into the deep end. YMCA has one, but we decided we wouldn't use it enough to make the $52/month fee worth it.

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Los Alamitos? what's it like? [25 Jun 2008|09:03am]

[ mood | curious ]

i am thinking of applying for a teaching job in Los Alamitos, CA. i just moved here from out of state, and know pretty much nothing of that area. can anyone enlighten me as to what its like there? good school district? safe place to work/live, or not? thanks...

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[25 May 2008|01:59am]

Want to go to Mighty Mic?

FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE (Students, Faculty, and all community members) ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE - LINEUP AT BETWEEN 4:00 - 6:00 PM IN FRONT OF ACKERMAN GRAND BALLROOM on the UCLA CAMPUS - $10 Suggested donation - 100% of proceeds are going towards purchasing a mobile clinic!

for more info check out http://www.mightymic.org or email mightymicconcert@gmail.com

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