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community/public pool with a wading pool?

does anyone know of a community/public pool in the Irvine/Lake Forest area that has a wading pool? i've got a toddler and an infant, and have to watch both of them at once, so i really need a pool where my daughter can splash around w/o my worrying she is going to fall into the deep end. YMCA has one, but we decided we wouldn't use it enough to make the $52/month fee worth it.

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Well, there's always the fountains at the Spectrum...
(and I do mean the ones intended for kids to play in!)
wait! i have been to the Spectrum...i didn't know the kids were allowed to play in any of their fountains (?!) they don't look splash-friendly to me (you see lights/wires on the bottom, etc), and i've never seen any kids IN them...where are the fountains you can play in there?
i think they mean the one between H&M and Target
There's one by the food court, and the other is by the ferris wheel, I think -- they are not pool fountains, but the kind that spurt water up at irregular intervals.
do people WADE in them, or is it a 'splash park' type thing where it shoots out over concrete and the kids can play in it, open-hydrant-style?
The latter, I'm afraid.